Natural Herb Healings. Love, Beauty and Health

I’m making magic potion / powder using natural herbs with spells in it. Everything you read in here is made with herbs and propolis.

Magic powder – for protection from evil eye, negative people to keep your place protected. You can sprinkle this powder beside front door, windows, in every corner in your house, and put powder in a little bag and hang beside the front door. You can carry a little magic potion with you as protection from evil energy. 

Magic potion liquid – protection from dark evil spirits. You have to wipe the threshold of your home, window sills, the beds and put little on yourself.

Love potion “APHRODISIA” – to bring on you beauty sexuality and passion. To make the men/women attracted to you. Just put little in your bath ?, rub on your neck, wrist on your chest under armpits and little down there. lol. 

APHRODISIA for men – natural viagra add few drops in your tea, coffee. This potion is good for men who has lost attraction for his wife but wants to save their relationship, this potion will bring him sex drive, attraction and passion. 

APHRODISIA for women- natural viagra. Drink one tablespoon. 

Magic potion for calming person down – drink half a shot glass. This potion will bring calm and easy feelings to a person. Keep it in the fridge. 

Magic potion – to bring good, positive mood. Drink half a shot glass. Keep it in the fridge. 

Protection for your car – I do a ritual around your car and I will give you little bag with magic powder you can hang it in your car.  

Magic potion- From joint pain and cuts.

Have trouble to get pregnant – I do healing, ritual and magic potion with natural herbs. It will help you to get pregnant.