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  1. I had bursitis for a couple months and was dreading a visit to the doctor to drain the elbow. I wasn’t a believer at first but kept an open mind. After a few sessions with Hope the swelling disappeared and the pain was gone. I’m now a believer in the power of her special gift.

  2. I came to see Hope when I was going through a stressful professional and personal time. I was feeling I was feeling stressed, burnt out and afraid to open up. I was recommended to see Hope to do chakra cleansing. My first impression of Hope was that she had a very calm and kind personality. A very positive energy to be around. We talked about what I hoped to achieve and she immediately saw that I was closed off. I did multiple chakra cleansing sessions with Hope. During the session, Hope used crystals, I had my eyes closed but I could feel Hope’s energy working on me. After each session I felt relaxed and rejuvenated. I continued to see Hope because overall the sessions helped me – I opened up and I felt like my well being was restored. Hope was amazing, she always listened to my needs and goals and worked on me to help me achieve them. I have seen her multiple times in the past couple of years and will continue to do so when I need grounding and mental clarity in my life.

  3. “Hope is powerful traditional healer that works fast and effectively to solve your problems. She use card reading and rituals to яsolve the problems. My manager told me about her. One day I decided to go and here I am now more happy, healthy, financially secure and living happy life with my family. I had great experience with Hope who changed my life 100%.” Thanks ?

  4. “I’ve been a client of Hope for 3 years now. She has helped me many times. She has cleansed my Chakra a few times when things in my life where not going good and it helped turn things more positive for me in my life. She has also done healings on my back when nothing else was working for me. I noticed immediately after a healing my back feeling better and within a few weeks the back pain was gone. We also have done rituals, in which I wanted to try because there was conflict within my family and I wanted the fighting to stop. And amazingly enough it ceased the issue. I highly recommend seeing Hope if you want to bring positive results in your life.”

  5. Review on my experience with Hope’s tarot readings.
    Э“I have been seeing Hope for years. She has helped not only in making good decisions but has helped me in my problems as well. Her readings has always been 100% accurate and her timeline on predictions has always came to pass/fruition. I will definitely recommend to my friends and family. Thank you Hope for being an amazing friend and a counselor whenever I needed your support or extra guidance. God bless.” ?

  6. Hope has helped me so much, brining success. Healing and help cast out demons in my life holding me back. This has greatly improved my health and a better inner circle of people. Without Hope work I would still be lost and struggling. I recommended you to all my friends.
    Thank you so much Hope! ?

  7. I was having a bad backache due to medical reasons and also couple falls that landed me on my back. I couldn’t sleep and doctors gave me extreme high dose of meds which was hard on me due to side effects it came with. I consulted hope regarding my problem, went to see her in person and it took only 1 session and my backache was gone. No more high dose of medication nor nothing. Now, I can enjoy my daily lifestyle with confidence. I’d definitely recommend her to my friends and family. Thank you so much hope ????

  8. I was having issues with my shady neighbours. It was so stressful dealing with them. Police was called numerous times and were given warning to them but there irrational behaviors didn’t stop. In order to avoid being a chronic complainer…i consulted hope to help us deal with bad tenant’s/neighbors. She gave me a solution to a problem and i did everything as she suggested. I followed all the rituals and next day the tenant’s/neighbors packed their bags and left. It was like Christmas for me lol. I was so happy. I feel at peace now. No matter how big/small the problem. Hope has solution for all. Thank you so much hope. Because of you my family is at peace having the bad neighbour’s/tenant’s gone. Highly recommend. I am truly blessed to have hope as my friend/counselor/guidance and knowing she has my back through thick and thin. She’s a women who has listened to my rants and wiped my tears without any judgements in return she gave me her shoulders to lean on. Thank u hope ? God bless you and your family always ❤

  9. I have been blessed with a Son, all thanks to Hope as she is a nicest person who makes you feel at home and treat you very calmly & respectfully. I can not thank her enough as she is a life saver who has also helped me in numerous ways dealing with pain and discomfort through out my body. I believe she has what it takes to heal you and solve your problems if you come with an open mind and want to get help. Once again, we are lucky to get my health back and by helping us become parents & getting rid of any bad energies. Lots of love and respect to her.
    Thank You??

  10. I have a wonderful insight to my future, mind and body with hope. The card reading and chakra have always been in point. My most memorable experience was with chakra, I was mind blown with it. She had mentioned I needed to watch an area in my uterus which in turn a month later I had a day surgery to remove a cancerous tissue. So incredibly thankful for that because who knows what could have been without seeing her. In my questions I’ve had in regards to any problems or wanting insight to my future She has always led me in the right direction of positivity to get what I needed from the situation.
    Can’t wait for my next meeting with her!!!
    Thank you hope for everything

  11. I recently had a numerology reading for the month of September and she was able to tell me how each week of the month was going to go. It was very interesting on how my weeks matched up with her predictions. She also suggested some thing I could do which would be good for my karma. I trust her and her readings. Highly recommend to give her a try

  12. She was incredibly accurate. I have never spoken with her nor have I ever met her. This was my first time experiencing anything of this nature and I must say, it was an indescribable moment. She was able to pin point specific aspects and people in my life and future events that I have been anticipating. I highly recommend for anyone who is looking for insight or assurance, this definitely put my mind at ease.

  13. I recently had a numerology reading and found it to be accurate, insightful, and helpful. The information was right on point with key years in my life. I look forward to seeing how future events unfold in the upcoming months. I highly recommend her, as she is clearly very gifted and talented.

  14. I am grateful to fate and my friend for the fact that I met Nadezhda!
    I turned to her with the most important question that had been bothering me for a year.
    I received not only a complete answer, Nadezhda brought my life into focus and gave very valuable advice!
    You’re so helpful💋💞
    I couldn’t even think that she would describe my character traits, difficult years and the gender of my first child 😱
    Thank you ,dear❤️
    I really appreciate it!

  15. Nadezhda is a professional in her field ❣️
    She answered many questions 🫶
    Our cooperation has been going for more than one year, the layouts coverage one hundred percent 🥰
    Very pleasant in communication, she is always very positive 😍
    Thank you so much!!!

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